airplane takeoff

Going to, guess where……

On our way to Thailand once again 🙂

This trip we will be visiting following places

  • Nakhon Si Thammarat
  • Bangkok
  • Pattaya

Will update with pictures and details about what we see and do here during the trip. Aiming for some nice time together with Sasi’s parents and family. Before visiting friends in Bangkok. And then some activities in Pattaya. More to come 🙂

The airline company that was lucky enough to have us as passengers are KLM. Which will bring us from Bergen to Bangkok via Amsterdam. Love to go with KLM. Excellent service and trust that if any issues, as always KLM are there to assist us in any way possible. Shit happens sometime, and then a large airline company have the resources and dedicated staff to give there passengers the service that actually have paid for. Comes to no surprise that I am not impressed with some other airline (cheap) that only focus on bringing there passengers from A to B. That would be enough if everything is OK. But when something do happen, and sometime is does for some reason. And that is very often sometimes outside the airline companies control. This is where a large dedicated airline company have the resources and the keen interest in taking care of there passengers. The “cheap” airline companies tend to just “drop” there passengers and do not give sufficient information and service in due time. This is not the crew’s fault, they are not to blame. This is the airline companies duties to handle. Enough said, I have had “challenges” with flights with KLM. Which have been handled by KLM perfectly. Good information and good service. Delayed and missed connection a few times. But acceptably because I know that KLM do what they can and at the same time give good information without hesitation. This trip with KLM I trust to be equally good.

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