Daytrip to Pak Phanang

A grey and cloudy day. But this is our first day we can enjoy. KLM decide that our luggage should stay in Amsterdam and not with us. It was a hasle to get KLM to deliver. That was a challenge.. But we received luggage 3 days late.

We decided to go back to to fishing village Pak Phanang. Last time I was here was July 2017, a sunday where they have a sunday evening market. wanted to go back for another trip but to also see the area by boat. And to see the day time market. What strike me the most about this village is the lack of tourist. As far as I could see, I was the only Non Thai there this day. What I like about this village is that there are so many smiling and friendly people. One old lady actually called me แฮนซั่มแมน / KhonLhor (Handsome man) stayed with this lady and Sasi bought some dried fish and shrimps. Kids love this.

Pak Phanang village are located on the part that is connected to Nakhon Si Thammarat Bay, while the gulf coast has a beautiful, pine-lined beach. Both sites were hit hard by a severe storm in 1962. The storm created 6.8-meter wave wall hit the shore vanished more than 1,300 people. Today, the surrounding area is fully rehabilitated and become one of the famous attraction in the province (INFO from internet).

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