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Visit to Sankturay Of Trouth

A place in Pattaya which have an amazing museum, where they build a temple. Building this completly in wood, since this is due to be completed during 2015 there is still construction wotk going on. I visited this place one year ago, and it was clear to see that progress was made. What is nice […]

Moving from Bangkok to Pattaya

Should have been a nice move and ready to relax and some golfing. Just been married and finding out that my mother had passed away at home. Since my father was with me, this was a challange. Go home early or find out what to manage from Thailand. We made all pre arrangment and when […]

Getting married

So now it is done. Sasi and I have been married in Bangkok. Not an easy task to get done, marrying a Thai national as a “farang” will need to involve a lot of variouse offices, Challange 1, getting marriage application approved by Norwegian Embassy in Bangkok. That was a challange since they where closed […]

A rom with a view

After only a 45min delay from Oslo, Norwegian tok of towards Bangkok. Very nice new Dreamliner, impresed with interior and seating. Chose the Premium class at Norwegian, and for that reason did compare with Business Class at SAS, KLM and other. Food… plastic feeling Drinks, costly, not free as with other airlines at Business Class. […]

Take of towards Bangkok, Thailand

Well, on my way to Bangkok, Thailand. Today, Norwegian will “try” to get me to Thailand with their new Boing 787-800 Dreamliner. Norwegian have had a lot of problems with their plan, and that is problems which can only be pointed back towards Boing and the fact that this is a brand new plane and […]

New trip to the land of smiles

Well, saturday i am again on my way to Thailand. Again to visit my girlfriend. But this trip has a hidden agenda, not know to so many people. This trip we are going to move our relationship to another level. Yes. I am getting married to the most beautiful engineer, my girlfriend. And soon hope […]